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carbon footpprint

As a small online business based in the UK we made the decision to have our warehouses positioned at central points of the globe such as the US & China. We ship our products directly from these locations. Limiting the journey our products take reduces the overall carbon emissions created by the company.

waste materials

We use print on demand services for many of our products to limit the amount of waste material. When we have deadstock items we always thrift these items on our Depop page, turn the material into new items or recycle the fabrics. We also encourage customers when they no longer want an item and it is in good condition that they send it back to us to thrift.

plastic reduction

All of our print on demand items are made of a minimum of 30% of recycled material. As of January 2021 Zegzula released our first plastic reduction social media campaign. We sent out 100 free tote bags to influencers across the UK & Ireland to try and reduce the use of plastic bags. They were sent out in 100% recyclable material.



At Zegzula we made the decision upon launch that we would be inclusive to all people. Ethically we believe it is unecessary to use animal produce in clothing. All of our shoes and belts are made out of faux leather. The harsh and horrible conditions animals are put under in factories and in cosmetic testing will never ever be something that this company takes advantage of.

Where the dead inside feel alive

Zegzula is back to fit the style of the generation that wants to stand out - be different. From clothing to jewellery (and soon to be beauty products), Zegzula is here to shape your aesthetic - your lifestyle.

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F A Q s

What Happens If I Recieve a Wrong Item or a Faulty Item?

Well hopefully this doesn't ever happen but if it does we take full responsibility and can provide you with either a refund or reship the proper item to you. Any and all return costs are covered by us in this situation. All you have to do is send us an email letting us know your order number, what happened and whether you are a mainland UK or international customer and we will get it all sorted for you!

How do I Get in Contact with a Team Member?

If you email us at zegzulaofficial@gmail.com or alternatively contact us through the Wix Chat function on the Wix App with your enquiry we will forward it on to the right people. Please note that we do not deal with enquiries through social media and DM requests may be ignored.

Can I upgrade to tracked shipping after I have placed my order?

Yes! Just send us an email with your request and we will send you over an invoice for £3 and get it updated for you.

I think that I was overcharged?

On our site all our prodcuts are listed in Great British Pounds (£) not Euros (€) or US Dollars ($). This means that the prices will be different in your country and will depend on the exchange rate at the time. Our web provider Wix does not allow domain users to access this kind of senstive information. You may read more about this in our privacy policy.

How do I send back an item?

All you have to do is send us over your order number & reason for return over email and we will get it sorted all for you. You can read more about this on our returns policy page.

How long does shipping usually take?

On standard items shipping usually takes 2-4 weeks but on special collections such as any branded Zegzula items or anything in the Exxers collection will only take up to a week to arrive.

How do I become an ambassador?

Send us a DM on @zegzulaambassadors_ on instagram and we will get you set up.